Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sangram Singh to marry Payal Rohatgi in November after death contract is over


Olympian wrestler Sangram Singh has recently signed a 'Death Contract' with the Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship which is to be held on February 28, at Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

The lethal game, says Sangram, will only leave one of the two players in the ring on his feet at the end of the game.

"Serious injuries are very likely. I'll be pitched against the world wrestling champ Joe Legend for the 'last man standing' match. The last time when I played for this match I broke my nose and my ribs. This time anything can happen. Hence the 'Death Contract' which means if anything happens to me, no one is to blame," says Sangram.

The wrestling champ says he also wants to help other wrestlers financially. "I will use the money that I make from the 'Last Man Standing' match to help my colleagues. There are dozens of promising wrestlers in the country who can't afford proper training. I want to use my name and money to help them."

Shaadi to long-time girlfriend Payal Rohatgi has been pushed to November. "I want to see how the 'Last Man Standing' match goes. I want to concentrate on wrestling throughout the year. Payal and I will marry in November."

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