Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Exclusive: Katrina Kaif’s reaction to the ‘engagement ring’ buzz

Recently during her visit to wish happy birthday to her friend Farah Khan, Katrina was spotted stepping out of the building with one hand in her pocket. Immediately there was talk and chatter that she had an engagement ring, which she was hiding from the photogs. After that her Umang performances on Friday night  came under the scanner, where Phantom heroine was spotted wearing a big fat shiny ring. 

Our source tells us that Kat is highly amused with these constant speculations about her marriage. “She will wear an engagement ring when the time is ready. And it will be for the world to see. She won’t just randomly attend some event wearing it. There is a plan in place in the Kapoor family as far as Ranbir and Katrina go and it will be known to everyone in due time.”

The source also adds that RK and Katrina have indeed exchanged rings, but want to keep it

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